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Provide beautiful data easily to your audience with a simple API and the Datagram App. Send actionable information directly to the mobile phone of your users.

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    "text": "Whilst 2020 presented us with new challenges"
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Mobile first data distribution.
No more unreadable spreadsheets.

Datagram was built to make it easy to create, publish and update data to be consumed by an audience. Datagram users can follow multiple streams of public and private data stories.

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Follow the data stories you are interested in

Users can discover and follow thousands of interesting data feeds as well as their private team data

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Beautiful Mobile Data Visualisations

Data stories can be created with our library of beautiful data widgets, allowing anyone to publish profressional looking data

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Regular Update Notifications

Get a push notification every time the data stories you are following are updated

Deliver beautful data straight to mobile... instantly

Unleash the power of the world’s data in the palm of your hand

  • Always be in the know

    Gone are the days of digging for emails and not knowing if you have hit your targets. With Datagram, your business and personal data is always in the palm of your hand.

  • Share data with your team

    Forget the quarterly meeting to pore over indecipherable spreadsheets. Empower your team to always know exactly the numbers that matter - be it revenue, customers, or uptime.

  • Change behaviour

    They say what gets measured gets managed. With Datagram, give your team ultimate transparency and watch the results improve.

  • Learn interesting new things

    The world is full of undiscovered data. Datagram makes it easy to find - whether it be the current inflation rate, or last year's number of pirate attacks in the Pacific Ocean. All data is fair game.

  • Create and publish your own data

    We all love to share (or overshare), and it's super easy to publish any of your own personal data to your friends, family, or the world.

  • Get hooked discovering new data

    Data is addictive, and Datagram is the best way to spend hours learning and being entertained. Set the data free!

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